Saturday, 6 October 2012

Wai Ying Hung Confirms Austin Wai's Passing

Working in the Mainland in recent years, action star Austin Wai Tin Chi's sister Wai Ying Hung yesterday confirmed his death in Beijing at the age of 55. Siu Hung posted in memory of her brother, "I am very sad, very sad!", "Brother farewell!", "Farewell, miss you!" Then when reporters contacted Siu Hung, she said that because she could not find her brother for a few days she contacted her manager to check up on him at his Beijing home. After opening the door her brother was found dead. She still had no idea what happened. This morning she flew to Beijing to find out. 

As for his last online update, it took place on the 21st. He wrote, "It's not that I am not updating my microblog. Lately I haven't been feeling well. First I have been seeing a doctor for arthritis for a month and a half, then persistent coughing. First I went to see Respiratory Medicine Department, then the Endocrinology Department, even Ear, Nose and Throat Department conducted numerous exams. Finally it wasn't anything. I went to the drug store to pick up a five day regiment. I was much better after two days. I was so mad." 

John Chiang Dai Wai was shocked to hear about the passing. Although Siu Sei joined the business later than he did, they have worked together. When he directed he asked Siu Sei to be the action director, so they were familiar. Lately they have been busy and had less contact. He regretted that Siu Sei would pass away at such a young age. Chik Mei Chun and Michael Miu Kiu Wai often worked with Siu Sei at TVB. Sam Gor even played soccer with Siu Sei so they were very familiar. Chik Mei Chun was shaken and teary eyed when she said, "In the past 8 or 10 years we had less contact. I think we went to work in the Mainland. Sam Gor probably hasn't heard the news yet. It's very surprising." In addition, Joey Yung Cho Yi's assistant Sandy is Wai Tin Chi's sister. Emperor manager Mani Fok Man Hei was very surprised to learn about Siu Sei's death. She originally wanted to contact Sandy right away but did not dare to because she felt she would bother her at this time; later she will call to see if she will need any assistance. The company will give her time off. 

Wai Tin Chi was born in Hong Kong in 1957. A descendant of the Manchurian Plain Yellow Banner, he was the fourth child in the family and thus called Siu Sei. He was Wai Ying Hung's older brother. When he was little his father was swindled had to declare bankruptcy. His family was poor, he once studied Beijing opera at the Chun Chau Opera Academy and a disciple under famous actress Fun Kuk Fa. He began his film career in his teens and worked on many martial art and action films like.

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