Saturday, 6 October 2012

Revolutionary Arabic Entertainment News

This is a roundup of the latest news of Arabic entertainment, songs for country, and other updates from the world of Arabic entertainment that seems to be reacting to the new changes on the ground and new realities.

There has been  a lot going on in the world of Arab music and hundreds of songs has been released for mark the Egyptian and the Tunisian revolution and now the Libyan one.

We may needed the revolution so we have enjoy some of those great music and news from Arab stars who sometimes were brown nosing the same people the Arab people rejected.

Hippest and Catchiest Arabic Rap Song for the Revolution
First Libya Revolution Song “Libyana” 
The local dude Egypt song for the cab driver listener in You “Sha’abi Guy”
Tamim Barghouty poem turned into a song by  a gifted blind musician 
The Libyan Pop Star and Super Star 2 Winner 
Marcel Khalifah rejects a Bahrain concert and sends back an awesome letter 
Egyptian singer Mohammad Foaud pledged to commit suicide if Mubarak resigned
Egypt Love song by the 80s guys 
Syrian Actor turned activist hosts Qaddafi in His Syria home
The Greats pious Egypt love song is also a hit comeback song 
Tunisian super star Saber El Rebai epic Tunis song, some good music really 
The Egyptian Celebrities who stuck it to Mubarak early on

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