Thursday, 11 October 2012

Animals Being Used for Human Entertainment

The mighty Bear is one of the worlds biggest animals, they are a lot more dangerous than the monkey. These animals are kept in cages and on a chain and some never see the sight of freedom ever. All bears kept in such poor conditions go crazy they turn inwards. To see a bear that has turned inside itself is the most heart breaking things you could see in your life. Their handlers whip and beat them if they do not perform, the bear doesn’t get angry because mentally the bear has given up on life knowing that there is nothing left but to perform. This activity has been banished from the Eastern world but is still being used as a method of entertainment in India, China and other countries with little or no animal rights.

Cobras are the most likely snake to be used for human entertainment all over Asia. The snake charmers take the snakes and make them perform for money. In parts of Asia this is a trade passed down from generation to generation. Snakes are blind, they don’t see like we do they work off heat patterns, the snake charmers fool the snake by agitating it waving their hands around its head until it strikes, or spits its venom. These snakes are suppose to use these skills for hunting not performing. They also use these snakes for fighting each other and they take bets on which type of snake will beat the other. Most species of snakes are used for this type of entertainment. The fights always end up in a fight to the death. In the wild they learn to keep their distance from each other to live in harmony. In an instance like this they are put in a ring with no escape one dies and one leaves the ring until the next time it is used for the same purpose.

You wouldn’t think that whales would be held in captivity because of their sheer size, well in America they have built a big enough tank to hold two against their will. Instead of hunting at the Artic Circle with their other whale buddies they are in Florida performing tricks in a huge fish tank for the public. These whales are as smart as the dolphin and elephant, but yet they are reduced to performing tricks for food. Keeping any of these animals in captivation is against Gods will, this doesn’t matter what God you believe in or whether you believe in one or not. It is wrong by any stretch of an imagination and should be stopped.

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