Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Unclaimed Mobile Can Sends You Behind

Police has warned that if any unconcerned person was found to be using a mobile used in a criminal act, he would be strictly proceeded against under the law. Police investigators said that it has come to  observation that criminal elements, after committing crime at various locations of the city, throw away snatched mobile phones, during their criminal act, which is afterwards picked up by any other person and is brought to his personal use.
So who ever is found any mobile , the law demands that mobile be handed over to the police, so that quick accessibility to the criminal elements can be ensured. If any person was found in possession of any mobile found at crime location, without informing the police, strict legal action would be taken against him. Police have  also warned the shopkeepers involved in selling and buying of stolen mobiles that they, too, would be proceeded against under the law, if they failed to fulfill all the legal requirements. Similarly, no citizen should bring to his personal use any unclaimed mobile found by him and, instead, bring it to the immediate notice of the police for further necessary legal action.

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