Thursday, 11 October 2012

2012 Uniforms Fashion Verdict Volunteers Are Bang On Trend just ask Cheryl Cole

Encouraged by fashion power house Gucci, in June this year Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian changed the course of fashion history - when they took ‘colour blocking’ that step too far – and mixed purple with shudder ORANGE.
Legions of high street brands, trend junkies and fashion novices dutifully followed suit all of them clashing their complimentary colours like they’d never clashed before and soon ‘The Porange’ cub had poureth over. Adidas maintain their colour choice will “provide a distinctive look” (true fact) but it’s a distinctive look that will be worn by around 70,000 volunteers and 6,000 Locog staff.
The ‘Games Makers’ uniforms won’t just be en vogue though no siree the jackets also boast a ‘turn-back’ feature to suit different arm lengths (nope, us neither) and volunteers will be able to take advantage of matching umbrellas, water bottles and caps! Hah! Caps! Stick that in your cap and eat it Cheryl and co…what’s that, you don’t have a matching cap. So last season. Each uniform kit will contain said cap, plus a jacket, polo shirt (vintage ‘90s yah), trousers, trainers, socks, a bag, a water bottle and every fashionista’s summer essential the umbrella. On trend and well equipped these so-called ‘Games Makers’ are what dreams are made o

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